Leatherworking Mallets - Nylon, Rubber & Leather Mallets

Leatherworking Mallets - Nylon, Rubber & Leather Mallets

    Price: $16.95

    Code: FE5330

    Weight: 0.70 pounds

    Rubber Mallet (Left): $16.95 This larger rubber mallet is used for larger hoods when burnishing the seam on a block by tapping on it.

    Small Nylon Mallet (Middle): $16.95 This nylon mallet is primarily used in hoodmaking. After the hood is inverted the seams would be tapped to compress the leather and make the seam light-tight and well burnished. It is also used to tap leather jess buttons neat and tight.

    Leather Rawhide Mallet (Right): $42.95 This lightweight leather mallet is ideal for tapping hollow punches through leather when making Alymeri's as it allows much more control and will not damage punches. When making leather jesses this mallet is handy to tap the buttons so they are neat and tight.