#69 Bonded Nylon & Size D Beading Thread- High Quality Thread

#69 Bonded Nylon & Size D Beading Thread- High Quality Thread

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    #69 Bonded Nylon & Size D Beading Thread

    #69 Bonded Nylon- is a round thread that has a bit more of a durable feel when it is in use. You might notice that the hoodmakers who are using kangaroo leather use bonded nylon thread.

    Size D Beading Thread- is a flat thread that is like a very fine version of dental floss. It has relatively less stretch and has a more delicate feel when it is used for sewing. Hoods made using calf skin usually contain beading thread.

    The type of thread used for hoodmaking is an individual decision by the person building the hood. Both of these types of thread are of high quality and make a very nice seam. They are reasonably priced so you can buy one of each and experiment for yourself. Each bobbin has approximately 64 yards of thread wound on them and should be enough to make a pile of hoods.

    Note: Look for our new product FE5201 The Complete Hoodmaker's Tool Kit which includes this item along with many others for the beginning hoodmaker and will save you up to $60.00 in costs.

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