Empty Gelatin Capsules - 100 Count - For Medicating Hawks & Falcons

Empty Gelatin Capsules - 100 Count - For Medicating Hawks & Falcons

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    Code: FE4050

    Weight: 0.10 pounds

    Empty Gelatin Capsules.
    Size 4 (Small): 5 mm wide x 14 mm long.
    Size 5 (Very Small): 4 mm wide x 10 mm long.

    100 Capsules in each container.

    Sometimes we find ourselves prophylactically dosing our hawks for malaria, aspergillus, etc. The medications we get are often intended for human use and must be cut so that the amount of active ingredient is appropriate for the weight of our bird. These capsules can be hidden in the heart of a quail or similar size piece of meat.

    I have found that when dosing birds it is best to give them a few tidbits first so they get into a quick rythm of swallowing the pieces of meat without question--then slip them the medicated tidbit and they should swallow it easily.

    When filling the gelatin capsules, I suggest sticking one half (longer half) to a piece of double-stick tape. So, you will have the number of capsules you intend to fill gently stuck in a row to the tape with the opening up and will then fill them with the medication and top off with the lactose monohydrate. The best way to do all of this is by making a very small paper funnel through which to pour (gently tap from piece of creased paper) the medication and capsule filler.