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    B.C. Trap Custom Cage- A Western Sporting Exclusive Design

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      Purchase B.C. Trap Custom Cage- A Western Sporting Exclusive Design

      B.C. Trap Custom Cage- A Western Sporting Exclusive Design
      SKU: FE3213C




      Apply your own nooses: Western Sporting's Exclusive Bal-Chatri (Balchatri, BC) Trap Custom Cage.

      We went to great expense to make a custom mold for our circular-domed trap, which is unlike any other available. The bal-chatri trap is constructed of 1/2" mesh, painted with a good coat of flat black paint, and a great feature is the "apron" around the edge for all those hawks that walk around the outside on the ground and never manage to get caught. The outside edge of the bal-chatri is protected by a very tough nylon edging which has a metal core for added stability and an added weight. This trap also has no "corners" for those little mice, or other bait animals, to hide in meaning they will be much more active during the trapping process. It is the correct size for mice, gerbils, rats, English House Sparrows, and European Starlings.

      We have three types of bal-chatri available: First, the kit form with the wire nooses and crimping sleeves included so the falconer can spend a few hours putting on their own nooses to the exact size that suites their needs the best. Second, you can purchase a completed trap already tied and ready to go-just add a bait animal and a big smile as you take your hawk off this trap (Item FE3213A). Now the trap cage, if you will is available, by itself so you can tie your own nooses out of your own chosen material (Item FE3213C).

      Measurements: 22 inches across the base with the dome 12 inches wide at its base and 5 inches high. The bal-chatri is constructed with 1/2 inch square wire mesh. Total weight: 3 pounds.

      Click here for "Tying Double Wire Nooses" tutorial video

      A note from a customer: "I recently purchased your bal-chatri trap and wanted to let you know I had immediate success every time I used it. I trapped a tiercel immature red tail, adult red tail and finally a immature hen red tail that weighed in at 50 ounces. Your bal-chatri worked without fail. The unique design of the bal-chatri with the skirting around the bait cage significantly increases the probability of trapping the hawk. The last thing any falconer wants to do is drive for miles and miles spotting that perfect hawk and then watch the B.C. fail them. This bal-chatri worked each and every time for me....thanks!
      Tom in Pennsylvania

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