Bownet: by Dave Noble - Easy to Use - Effective and Brilliant Design (48150506)

Bownet: by Dave Noble - Easy to Use - Effective and Brilliant Design (48150506)

    Price: $349.95

    Code: FE3208B

    Weight: 6.00 pounds

    Shipping Note: This larger box can only be shipped via UPS and Fedex as a result of the new postage rules.

    This 5-foot wide bownet is ideal for the live capture of birds from the size of Red-tailed Hawks on down to the smallest raptor. Not only that but it is great for catching bait birds in the front yard like Starlings, European Doves, Pigeons, etc. The short list of users includes Falconers, Wildlife Researchers, Bird Banders and the general public for certain species. This is an affordable bownet that is very easy to set and transport. We have seen some others and this one is the best available. (Proper permits required to capture protected species of course so check the local / state / federal regulations.)

    Assembly of Bownet:

    Use of the Remote Control:

    Features include:

    1) Quick collapsible / deployable design, for easy transport. Much quicker than others.

    2) Very high speed and yet low inertia for safety since they are also very lightweight.

    3) Very low profile when set, and much lower profile than any other collapsible models on the market.

    4) 1 inch square net holes so it is good down to the size of a starling.

    5) They are designed to have a pre-load (downward spring tension) when deployed to keep captured birds from escape. This feature is absent in many other models on the market.

    6) Included slip case.

    7) Included is a manual trigger. (See related products for electronic trigger.)

    7) Included 10″ stakes which are suitable for soft ground.

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