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    Pigeon Harness - Leather - Unique Design - NS21 Highly Effective

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      Purchase Pigeon Harness - Leather - Unique Design - NS21 Highly Effective

      Pigeon Harness - Leather - Unique Design - NS21 Highly Effective
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      Small: Common, Barn or City Pigeons.

      Large: Homing Pigeon

      Made entirely in Eastern Europe and sent here exclusively for Western Sporting. The designer of this harness pattern has trapped over 1000 Russian Goshawks using this pigeon harness. Obviously it is designed to trap all types of hawks that would be attracted to a pigeon as bait.

      "I put this harness on my own pigeons and they move freely and do not act restricted in any way and this is a real bonus when you throw a pigeon out under the intended hawk. The nooses are also very good." David Frank

      A Russian biologist developed this pigeon harness as he was trapping goshawks for the Zoo Association, the Game Breeding Department of the Central Scientific Research Laboratory of Glavokhota, the Ornithological Department of the Moscow Kremlin and Zooleks, in the 80s and 90s. A trap was needed that could be set quickly whenever a goshawk was at hand to trap. This harness took two years to fully develop despite the simple design. The harness is quite versatile in use and can be used in different settings and for different species.

      "I have not been one to use purchased trapping gear but for whatever it's worth your new harness is a good one. I borrowed it from Pat B. and used it at my goshawk honey hole. The harness caught 3 of the 5 passage birds I caught. In cold snowy conditions I was impressed with the quality of the harness and how the braided line loops stayed synched. Part of the issue with harnesses and carpets with nooses in that cold environment is that mono gets brittle and springy and can open when the bird rebounds. The nooses on your harness stand well and that twisted mono definitely gives if more resistance to losing its memory." John G.

      Just add your own drag weight and a lively pigeon and watch it work.