Dho-Gazza Nets - 2 Sizes / 4 Colors - Low Cost & Very Effective

Dho-Gazza Nets - 2 Sizes / 4 Colors - Low Cost & Very Effective

    Price: $34.95

    Code: FE3201

    Weight: 0.10 pounds

    Western Sporting's Dho-Gazza Nets

    Small - 32" x 50" x 2" sq. mesh / Up to 22 ounce raptors.

    Standard - 36" x 60" x 3" sq. mesh / Up to the largest raptors, excluding eagles.

    Available Colors: White, Black, Gray & Sand with loops at the corners for tying to the frame. Tabs can be added to the nets easily with electrical tape.

    We make our nets in two standard sizes and four colors. They are suitable for any hawk you may want to capture as they are very fine yet extremely strong. These nets are woven by machine and are not the impossible-to-acquire hand-tied variety, but guess what? -- that hawk that is coming down to your bait bird will not know the difference. Not only that but they are far less expensive, immediately available and you won't cry when you are forced to cut it off a completely entangled hawk. The knots do not slip and we custom dye them in black, charcoal gray, or sand (the base color is white).

    See our related Item: FE3202 A & B (Dho-Gazza net frame.) We are quite proud of this trap frame. It is compact, easy to use, and it ensures the nets will not become tangled with the unique release system and light bungy lines. This trap has been peer reviewed and a great many hawks have been trapped with it.

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