DT Systems: Small Size Bird Launcher - Remote With Controller (509)

DT Systems: Small Size Bird Launcher - Remote With Controller (509)

    Price: $349.95

    Code: FE3152

    Weight: 8.50 pounds

    Small Remote Launcher With Controller: This model comes with the remote launcher/receiver with the addition of the controller. This is the correct choice for those wanting the remote electronic launch of birds and build upon a system with the addition of other launchers. It comes with a remote receiver on the launcher and a separate controller to operate up to 16 different launchers.

    Congratulations! You have just located the latest and most cost-effective "Natural Flush" Bird Launcher available today. This small launcher is the correct size for quail, pigeons, chukar or other small birds. It has several great features!

    *Easy-Load trap door for easy bird loading/unloading after the launcher is set and ready to use,

    *Quiet Release Bird Launch System to prevent "spooking" your dog or alerting your hawk of the release,

    *High Quality Nets and Springs for effective launching,

    *Large Scent Holes,

    *Up to 16 Self-Programmable Launchers with One Remote,

    *700 Yard Range,

    *Beeper Locators on Launcher for ease of use,

    *Weather Resistant Transmitter and Receiver Unit,

    *Replaceable 9-volt batteries on Transmitter and Receiver.

    Get your hawk or dog looking away from you for that natural flush during the training stages of training by using the latest technology in reliable remote launchers. An investment in this type of equipment will provide numerous benefits when transitioning from training to the hunting of wild quarry for both dog and hawk.

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