Scales: Ultra35 Digital Scale w/Perch & AC Adaptor (Accuracy 2 Gr)

Scales: Ultra35 Digital Scale w/Perch & AC Adaptor (Accuracy 2 Gr)

    Price: $109.95

    Code: FE2313A

    Weight: 4.50 pounds

    Use: Raptors mid-20 ounces on up. Our most popular scale.

    Here is a customized accurate digital scale for the falconer flying mid- to larger sized raptors. The scale base is 8 1/4" x 8 3/4" and the perch is 10" high from the base of the scale. This wooden perch (2 1/2" x 7 1/2") is covered with outdoor carpet and fits a wide range of raptors. It weighs up to 35 lbs (16000 grams) in 2-gram increments and is powered by four "C" batteries. The front control panel of this scale detaches so it can sit a short distance away from the base. Both, this scale and the FE2310 (smaller raptors) are perfect for hawking trips or for the tack room attached to your mews.

    Scale with Perch: $109.95

    Scale Only for your Perch $84.95

    The wooden box shown is currently not available with the scale. It may be available soon.

    The scale display shows in five units of measurement with a handy button on the side of the scale.:

    Pounds & Ounces

    This scale also has a "hold button" to lock the weight in the display window as your hawk settles.


    Temperature Operating Range: This scale works here in our warehouse at 45 degrees F without a problem but the manufacturer suggests the scale should be used and stored in a temperature range of 65 to 85 degrees F.

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