Stainless Steel Rotating Indoor Ring Perch - Road Trips / New Hawk Indoors

Stainless Steel Rotating <b>Indoor Ring Perch</b> - Road Trips / New Hawk Indoors

    Price: $269.95

    Code: FE2171B

    Weight: 16.00 pounds

    Indoor Rotating Ring Perch

    The Western Sporting exclusive stainless steel indoor rotating ring perch is shown here with nylon rope wrapping. The high-grade stainless steel will insure that this perch will NEVER rust. It is suitable for a wide range of hawks from Cooper's right up to a large Red-tailed Hawk and is available also as a dedicated Outdoor Perch, Indoor Perch or  Indoor / Outdoor Perch Combination. This is a versatile perch. See Related Products below for other two perches.

    What is Included:

    Ring Perch: The ring is 11" across, approximately 14" off the ground, with a 1 3/4" wide perching surface wrapped with 1/2" rope.
    Indoor Metal Base: The 14-inch round base is 1/4" steel and coated with "bed-liner" used on truck beds. It has a dimpled surface so it is kind to interior floors and resists sliding should your hawk bate. We include stick-on felt feet for the indoor base also.

    Note: The acorn nut that holds the ring to the outdoor spike is glued on with Locktite threadlocker (included) and can be removed with wrench if the perch top needs to be attached to the indoor base.

    This perch was carefully designed and the plans sent to very reputable metal shops that fabricated the various parts. In fact, there are about 5 vendors involved in this project. Unlike others on the market, even the custom-made leash rings are solid stainless. Why would you tether your hawk to anything less? The tungsten inert gas welded (TIG) joints are simply perfection and completed by a master welder. [Our welder normally makes high-grade bits and spurs for the equine industry and his company has a worldwide reputation for very high quality innovative products.) After constructing the perch, it is glass-bead blasted to give it a very attractive satin finish.

    Custom Wrapping: This perch is wrapped with high quality nylon rope.

    Western Sporting thinks that this is the most functional, durable and cost effective ring perch any short-winged raptor will ever occupy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase because it will last that long and more.

    Ring perches are boxed & shipped flat to save money in the shipping and the falconer assembles it easily by screwing on the center bolt.

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