Outdoor Longwing Perch - Exclusive Product, Anodized Aluminum / Polyethylene

Outdoor Longwing Perch - Exclusive Product, Anodized Aluminum / Polyethylene

    Price: $159.95

    Code: FE2158A

    Weight: 7.00 pounds

    Congratulations! You are about to purchase a Western Sporting perch custom tailored for your hawk's comfort and trouble-free tethering.


    Both Sizes Only $159.95:

    6 1/2" Size: Tiercel size, smaller hybrids and similar longwings.

    7 1/2" Size: Larger falcon size for longwing's up to the size of a gyrfalcon.


    Perch Top: The top of the perch is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is a weatherproof material known for its high strength-to-density ratio, low moisture absorption and superior thermal insulation properties. Hot and Cold will not become transferred to your hawk's feet.
              It is also noted the HDPE perch top is non-toxic, which meets all FDA and USDA certifications for food processing. It is clean and dense and will not absorb disease causing organisms.


    Perch Shaft: In this novel design we have built-in an encapsulated Teflon hermetically sealed rotational bearing to protect it from environmental exposure, which virtually makes the swivel arm maintenance free throughout the lifetime of this perch. Because the arm rotates 360 degrees it greatly alleviates a falconer's concern of leash entanglements.


    Stainless-steel Spike: The 11 inch spike is stainless steel and runs through the entire length of the perch which ties the perch top to the bottom of the spike so it will not come loose under any situation.

    This rugged perch is built to last and was specifically designed for outdoor use. We will be introducing an indoor model soon.

    Your longwing will also look awesome on it!