Clip & Swivel Tethering System - By Dave Carvalho for Western Sporting

Clip & Swivel Tethering System - By Dave Carvalho for Western Sporting

    Price: $49.95

    Code: FE2028A

    Weight: 0.11 pounds

    Clip and Swivel Tethering System: Heavy Duty Construction & Ease of Operation.

    Overall length approx. 20" from end of leash to end of clips. If you intend on using this system with a block perch please be aware that the clips add 2 1/2" to the length of the jesses. Use an appropriately sized block perch or shortened jesses to prevent straddling.

    STANDARD: 16 - 28 Ounce Falcons & Hawks (Medium Sampo Swivel w/ Small Rings)

    HEAVY DUTY: 26 - 46 Ounce Falcons & Hawks (Large Sampo Swivel w/ Small Rings)

    The clip and swivel tethering system is intended for fixed attachment to a perch. The spring clips are used for quick and efficient removal of the hawk from its perch. Braided components are made of the same material and quality as our other tethering systems. This tethering system includes the clip and swivel arrangement, a braided extension, a Sampo swivel, and a braided loop leash. All pieces of this tethering system come apart for easy replacement of the swivel, or the clip arrangement. There are two different sizes available; Standard or Heavy Duty.

    All pieces of falconry equipment should be inspected periodically to prevent failure. Check snap clips, rings and swivels regularly for wear and tear when in use as you would for any piece of falconry equipment. It is recommended that these tethering systems should be used in an enclosed and secure environment, just like all other tethering systems.

    Note: These systems were previously made by Mike Craig for Western Sporting. They are now made by falconer David Carvalho and we know you will be well pleased with the high quality tethering systems.

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