The Wolf That Changed America & White Falcon / White Wolf - DVD

The Wolf That Changed America & White Falcon / White Wolf  - DVD

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    This two-film DVD shows some great footage of white Gyrfalcons at the eyrie. The wolf aspects of the film were also very well done, with the first segment about the wolf being very interesting.

    In the fall of 1893, an adventurous young man rode out from the salons of New York to the wilds of New Mexico. He came to kill a wolf. Not just any wolf, but an outlaw, the leader of a marauding, cattle killing pack. But by the time Ernest Thompson Seton finally met the renegade Lobo, the wolf had become a hero in his eyes. He would write a tale of that encounter that captured the essence of the vanishing wilderness, and led to both the establishment of the National Park system and the Boy Scout movement of America. In this vivid retelling of the story, the confrontation between Seton and Lobo comes alive, and we discover how, together, one man and one wolf set in motion a change in American hearts and minds that is still unfolding today. Academy Award-winner F. Murray Abraham narrates.

    Bonus Program: White Falcon, White Wolf - On Canada's remote Ellesmere Island, where June is spring, July is summer and August is already Autumn, the race is on for two remarkable species to raise their families. The white gyrfalcon is enormous, the largest and most powerful falcon in the world. Yet last summer, the nesting falcon pair here failed to raise any young. The rare Arctic wolves rely on every member of the pack to chase and bring down the prey that keeps them alive. Last year was good to them, and they raised three cubs. But for the wolves and the falcons, as well as for the snowy owls, musk oxen, lemmings, Arctic foxes and hares who share this fragile ecosystem with them, fortunes are always precarious. What will happen this year? Academy Award-winner F. Murray Abraham narrates.