Pale Male - Film by Nature - DVD - 60 Minutes, See More Info

Pale Male - Film by Nature - DVD - 60 Minutes, See More Info

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    This is a great film for falconers as it show how those New Yorkers became enamored with a nesting pair of Red-tailed Hawks and friends and relatives of falconers would also like it.

    Of the millions of newcomers who flock to New York City, a red-tailed hawk's astounding arrival in 1991 made history. No other red-tailed hawk had ever attempted to make Manhattan his territory. Affectionately dubbed Pale Male, he made an exclusive Fifth Avenue apartment building his home. Pale Male became an instant celebrity who made New Yorkers' hearts and imaginations soar. Oscar-winner Joanne Woodward narrates this award-winning presentation of the Emmy-honored PBS series, NATURE.

    Join the close-knit community of bird-watchers who faithfully gather daily to follow the progress of this exquisite, powerful bird of prey as he hunts Central Park's wild creatures, courts his mate on Woody Allen's balcony, builds a penthouse nest, fiercely protects his family from attacking crows, and encourages his baby chicks to fly. Pale Male and his family become a magnificent obsession for the captivated crowds below. To the regulars on the beach, it's better than Broadway. And so is this very special program that the Audubon Society has proclaimed "a classic."