Hunting with Hawks in England - DVD, Pastime Videos

Hunting with Hawks in England - DVD, Pastime Videos

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    Hunting with Hawks in England
    Pastime Videos, 1994, 60 minutes.

    This DVD is the first in a series on falconry created by the Falcon Centre in England. The ancient art of falconry: hunting wild quarry with a trained hawk or falcon is very exciting. We follow two North American red-tailed hawks and their trainers, by day and by night, in their search for prey in the woods and open countryside of England.
    Many hours were spent with the falconers and their birds to ensure that there would be lots of action sequences and to guarantee that they would all be authentic. The quarry these raptors catch is primarily used for food which is used to feed not only them but numerous other hawks, owls and falcons, including many injured and neglected birds. They are all expertly cared for at the Hagley Falconry and Bird Rehabilitation Centre.