Behaviour & Learning - DVD, Faraway, 62 Minutes - Read More (R)

Behaviour & Learning - DVD, Faraway, 62 Minutes - Read More (R)

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    The Bird of Prey Management Series: Behaviour & Learning
    Faraway Films Productions, 62 minutes.

    The Bird of Prey Management Series is a modular learning course for falconers, breeders, rehabilitators and vets. To successfully train a hawk or falcon, the falconer needs to know why a hawk acts as it does and how it learns to respond to the various stimuli it receives in adolescence and maturity.

    Instincts are "hard-wired" or inherited and are essential for the continuation of the species. Hunting instincts are included in this set of inherited behaviors. Many aspects of a bird's behavior are learned and it is important to have a basis of understanding. Imprinting, habituation, understanding stimulus within the confines of falconry and many other aspects are influenced by their human counterparts and the communication process.

    In this often overlooked side of falconry, Nick Fox explains the key points that will give you a well-manned, enthusiastic hunting companion.

    This film, at one time, was bundled with a booklet with the same name but the publisher has not printed them for some time. These dvds are sold without the booklet. All the information is there in the dvd.