The Flying of Falcons - Pitcher & Velarde, Hardbound

The Flying of Falcons - Pitcher & Velarde, Hardbound

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    A note from the author:

    My intent with this writing is to discuss with the reader my experiences and thoughts on a kind of falconry I call The Flying of Falcons. I say, "discuss with the reader" because I want to emphasize that these pages are based on my interpretations and ideas. All of which may be erroneous in one aspect or another. Over the past forty years, however, I have witnessed such spectacular flights that I feel compelled to document my experiences. The reader can decide if my approach has meaningful application for his or her falconry.

    To start off, I am not interested in the right or wrong, or the best, or perfect methods used in the keeping of a falcon. I look at falconry as a progression in a relationship. What I have learned, from the falcons I have flown, is that our partnership should constantly be improving if I am doing my job as a falconer well. I perceive falconry as an art form and therefore do not pretend to know what is best for you and your falconry. I carry this one step farther and do not try to dictate to the falcon the correct way to approach the sky or attack quarry.

    The 'wild mindset' observed in wild falcons can be achieved with captive raised falcons. Some will argue that being in captivity alone negates the ability to become as 'self-actualized' as a wild falcon. What I would like to offer is that the wild mindset is actually the 'natural mindset' of falcons. So, if the natural process of development occurs, whether in the wild or in captivity, the natural mindset of the falcon will result. Being in the wild is not the source of the wild mindset, being raised in a natural way is...

    What others have to say about The Flying of Falcons:

    "If your goal is to "fly the falcon" vs. "kill a duck," then you begin down a trail allowing the falcon to learn about itself and its abilities. If your goal is to "kill a duck," then you learn about yourself and your abilities to kill ducks with your falcon. " Not the same thing and not the same results."