Harris' Hawk Days - Martin Hollinshead, Hardbound, 117 pages

Harris' Hawk Days - Martin Hollinshead, Hardbound, 117 pages

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    Harris' Hawk Days by Martin Hollinshead

    2005, 1st edition, 5.5" x 8.5", hardbound, 117 pages, color photo section in middle of book.

    Perhaps the best description and recommendation would come from another falconer and author:

    "Some will say that getting to the bird - to any bird - is every falconer's responsibility, regardless of risk. But those most familiar with the Harris' will admit there is something more ('something strange,') in the motivation to help a bird that at some indefinable point became your partner and your friend.

    "It is surprising, given this hawk's popularity and wide distribution, so few good books about them exist. Harris' hawk stories are common enough in our periodicals but notably rare in hardcover. Like rabbit hawking, the Harris' as a topic generally gets a chapter or two. Martin Hollinshead, in just a few monographs, more than doubled the volume of books in print dedicated to the Harris'. Were he less successful and experienced a hawker, or a poor writer, this might not be an improvement. But we got lucky: These are good, useful books and fun to read."
    -Matthew Mullenix, author: In Season and American Kestrels in Modern Falconry

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