Dirt Hawking - Joe Roy III - Hardbound - 5.75" x 8.75", 304 Pages - Handbook

Dirt Hawking - Joe Roy III - Hardbound - 5.75" x 8.75", 304 Pages - Handbook

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    Dirt Hawking is the ultimate rabbit and hare hawker's handbook. Well researched and expertly written, Dirt Hawking is a must read for both the dedicated and the beginner rabbit/hare hawker.

    Joe Roy's lifetime of falconry experience is the highlight in this modern take on an ancient endeavor. Between the covers of this book is an abundance of hard-won practical experience and detailed information on virtually all aspects of this hunting genre, including the hawks' physical and mental conditioning, where and how to find rabbits and hares and how to assess population densities, field tactics, weight management, field dressing, telemetry, hazards (and how to avoid them) and so much more.

    Additionally, Dirt Hawking examines and celebrates the quarry with outright enthusiasm, exploring the natural history of rabbits and revealing what really makes them tick. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this superb book is the longstanding relationship between rabbits/hares and man. Want to know what rabbits have to do with national security/terrorism, the age exploration, plague, and skies so laden with dust that day becomes like night? It's all included here.

    If you like to hunt rabbits, you will love this book! Buy it, read it, savor it.