Enter the Realm of the Golden Eagle - David Ellis - Hardbound - 497 Pages

Enter the Realm of the Golden Eagle - David Ellis - Hardbound - 497 Pages

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    This is not specifically a falconry book but is contains a great deal of information about the Golden Eagle. Those interested in Golden Eagles or those that either do or intend to fly one in falconry will want this book in their collection.

    With over 400 images by 21 photographers and 15 artists, and more than 100 accounts by 48 authors representing 20 nations, this book will appeal to both the generalist and the academic. Focusing on teaching everyone to value the eagle and the vast open habitats it needs to survive, and the creatures that share its world, this unique work both celebrates the eagle and attunes readers to the challenges facing this species in the modern world.

    Along with legendary stories from antiquity are chapters on trained eagles hunting large quarry such as gazelle, deer, foxes, wolves, and even man; eagle research and intelligence; and the eagle in the legend and lore of native peoples worldwide, including the acts by North American First Nations people to obtain coup feathers. An additional chapter outlines ways and means of capturing eagles, including the use of helicopters. The book concludes with chapters on three special trained eagles.