The Cooper's Hawk by Robert Rosenfield, Soft Bound, 6 x 9, 163 pp.

The Cooper's Hawk by Robert Rosenfield, Soft Bound, 6 x 9, 163 pp.

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    This is a detailed book about a hawk that is becoming more common in an urban setting as it adapts to residing within human habitation.

    The Cooperís Hawk presents the general reader and professional biologists interested in birds and nature, with an authoritative account of the breeding biology of the what is perhaps the most abundant, backyard breeding raptor in North America. This urban status exists despite cross-generational human persecution through shooting of individuals and indirect felling of forests, their apparent preferred nesting habitat.

    Using conversational prose, the natural history of the birdís diet, including bird feeder use and disease concerns, courtship behavior, and the ecological themes of breeding density, reproductive success, and adult survivorship are described. There too is a focus on how and why fieldwork is conducted on this ubiquitous city dweller who preys mostly on birds, or Ďurban fast food.í How urban birds may differ from their rural counterparts is addressed, and especially highlighted is the novel aspect of reproductive deceit in this red-eyed, blue-backed predator, as, unlike all other birds of prey studied to date, it is highly promiscuous.

    The text is complemented with original art and especially crisp photographs that demonstrate this birdís natural history.