Goshawk - Memories of a Spanish Goshawker, Hardbound, 240 pages

Goshawk - Memories of a Spanish Goshawker, Hardbound, 240 pages

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    Memories of a Spanish Goshawker
    by Manuel Diego Pareja-Obregon

    Forward by Fernando Feas
    Limited Edition of 1000 Copies
    8" x 12", Hardbound, Pictorial Boards, Color Throughout, Color Dust wrapper, 240 Pages.
    2007 1st edition in English. Privately published. Huelva, Spain.

    This is an interesting and unique account of Spanish falconry with goshawks, by a noted Andalucian falconer and author. There is much anecdote and incident from the author's own experiences. The author discusses the goshawk's life-cycle and quarry species in some depth and presents a great deal of practical information on falconry as practiced in Spain. The author also deals with the history of falconry, seen from a Spanish perspective, and gives an account of Spanish traditions of hawking which are - as with much else in Spain - largely Arabic in origin.

    This is a large and attractive new edition, in English, of Diego's scarce and highly sought-after work on Spanish falconry and natural history which was originally published in 1983. The author is an artist, musician and poet as well as a falconer, and this is apparent in his lyrical descriptions of the chase and of the Andalucian countryside. There is much information here which is not to be found elsewhere.

    This edition is limited to 1000 numbered copies.

    This bird's scientific name translates to "countryside-dweller."