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    Accipitrine Behavioral Problems - Michael McDermott, Hardbound

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      Purchase Accipitrine Behavioral Problems - Michael McDermott, Hardbound

      Accipitrine Behavioral Problems - Michael McDermott, Hardbound
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      Accipitrine Behavioral Problems: Diagnosis and Treatment by Michael McDermott

      1st edition, 7.25" x 10.25", hardbound, 208 pages, black-and-white and color pictures throughout.

      This is a comprehensive work written on accipitrine psychology. It is based upon a study in which 100 accipiters with behavioral problems were correctly diagnosed and then successfully treated by their trainers. Imagine having the background experience and knowledge of having trained 100 accipiters at your fingertips when you encounter your next problem.

      Written as a graduate level accipiter textbook specifically designed to be a resource that a person can use to research any particular behavior problem and know factually that 71% of the trainers successfully treated the malady by doing "this", or 20% by doing "that" and 9% by doing something else. Training methods are detailed in a sequential and logical format that is easy to understand. Thorough explanations are provided explaining how and why each technique works. This the major work on accipitrine psychology and distinguishes itself by separating fact from belief; precise facts and percentages are given for every assertion. The book is organized around a complete dissection of problems into subcategories which are further explored on multiple levels. Cause and treatment protocols are described as they relate to all accipiters including male/female examination. This is the most advanced accipitrine book available.

      This book contains the most extensive collection of accipitrine action photographs ever assembled.