Peregrine Quest - Clayton M. White, Hardbound, 1st Edition, 416 pages (R)

Peregrine Quest - Clayton M. White, Hardbound, 1st Edition, 416 pages (R)

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    Peregrine Quest: From a Naturalist's Field Notebook by Clayton M. White

    2006, 1st edition, 6.5" x 9.5", hardbound, 416 pages, color pictures throughout.

    This is the story of a naturalist who spent 50 some years studying the peregrine falcon in its various breeding locations around the world such as Utah, Alaska, South America, Australia, Fiji, etc. The peregrine is a cosmopolitan species that really is only absent as a breeder from a few areas in the world. Because many populations of falcons are migratory, the species in reality probably occurs in over 80% of the globe at one time or another. The narrative is taken from Clayton White's field notes and relates experiences that took place during his 50 years of global travel. The story integrates the ethics of landscape stewardship along with information about the falcon itself in various geographic locations.

    "Anyone who knows this man will tell you stories of his wit as well as his depth of mind and heart. Peregrine Quest: From A Naturalist's Field Notebook is a poignant memoir of a man and biography of a bird. It is a beautiful example of how one marries one's passion to one's vocation and in the process, changes the world along the way."
    -Terry Tempest Williams, naturalist and writer. Author of the highly acclaimed Refuge.