Wildlife Law, Regulation & Falconry: Legal Principles - W. Murrin & H. Webster

Wildlife Law, Regulation & Falconry: Legal Principles - W. Murrin & H. Webster

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    Wildlife Law, Regulation & Falconry:
    An Analysis of Legal Principles (affecting falconry and falconers)
    by William J. Murrin & Harold M. Webster, Jr.

    "This book is supported and funded by numerous main-stream falconers for the benefit of the falconry community. It is important reading for all falconers interested in personal rights and the over-bearing falconry regulations and their far-reaching affects."

    Hardbound Cloth - 6" x 9" - 256 Pages

    Table of Contents:
    • Introduction
    • Evolution of Wildlife Law and Management
    • U.S. Wildlife Laws and Regulations
    • Ownership of Wildlife
    • Public Trust Doctrine
    • Warrantless Administrative Inspections
    • Open Fields Doctrine
    • The Role Religious Environmentalism Plays in Wildlife Management
    • Privileges versus Rights
    • Falconry Regulatory Regime
    • Nonresident Take
    • The Poster Child of the Endangered Species Act: The Peregrine Falcon
    • Conclusion
    • References
    Wildlife Law, Regulation, and Falconry was written as a reaction to the draconian and, in many cases, unconstitutional regulations wildlife users have labored under for approximately one hundred years. Falconry regulations in particular exemplify how far laws and regulations have strayed from our constitutional system of a free and limited government.

    Some of the more salient subjects covered are: ownership of harvested wildlife; the Public Trust Doctrine; warrantless administrative searches; the Open Fields Doctrine; nature religious worship; privileges versus rights; and finally, the correction of the mistaken notion that DDT was the cause of the peregrine falcon's population decline-the politics of which has had a devastating effect on wildlife management, exemplified by the abuses of the Endangered Species Act and falconry regulations.