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    Falconry: BOOK & DVD, Guide for Beginners (Training a Red-tailed Hawk)

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      Purchase Falconry: BOOK & DVD, Guide for Beginners (Training a Red-tailed Hawk)

      Falconry: BOOK & DVD, Guide for Beginners (Training a Red-tailed Hawk)
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      This book details the training of a passage Red-Tailed Hawk from trapping to later releasing it back into the wild. Excellent & complete guide to training and hunting with North America's most versatile game hawk.

      Over 20 years in the making, this Book and DVD combination represents a first in falconry literature. Now, the reader can not only read a description of how to train hawks, including the passage Red-tailed Hawk, but he can actually see it play out on film beginning by removing the hawk from the trap, manning, hooding, training and finally to flying at quarry.

      Anyone struggle when learning to tie the falconer's knot? Now you can refer to the photos in the book and then watch how it is done on the DVD. All subjects pertaining to the basis of this sport are covered in the same manner.

      "This is the falconry manual I wish I'd had" Written by one reviewer in a sentiment likely to be echoed not only by beginners as they contemplate training their first Red-tailed Hawk but also by those who have perhaps struggled to train redtails using the literature currently available.

      Book Overview (Hardbound, Dust Wrapper, 7 x 10, Full Color, 272 pages)

      • Overview of Falconry: Language, Hawks of Falconry, and Nomenclature.
      • Glossary: Application of the language of falconry
      • Species of Hawks commonly flown and at what quarry.
      • Equipment; Mews & Weathering & Equipment.
      • Trapping (in which new traps and trapping methods are introduced).
      • The Basics of Training a Hawk: Step-by-step training of a passage Red-tailed Hawk including Weight Management.
      • Advanced Training; In-depth insights into the mind of both the new hawk and new falconer.
      • Hawking
      • The Harris' Hawk.
      • Establishing Routines, Field Etiquette, Recovering Lost Hawks.
      • Appendices: Suggested Reading and Jess and Anklet Patterns.

      DVD Overview (63 Min.)

      • Description of what Falconry is.
      • Types of species of hawks commonly flown
      • Basic Equipment.
      • Step by step, narrated guide of training a freshly-trapped passage Red-tailed Hawk.
      • Flying at Quarry.

      Beginners are not the only ones that will benefit from this book and DVD combination. Having flown a variety of hawks over more than 40 years, mostly while earning a living as a professional falconer, the author includes tips and practices he has learned along the way. The more experienced falconer will benefit from the detailed study of the day-to-day management of a wide variety of a large number of individual hawks.

      Having taught falconry to students attending falconry courses, the author comes with a unique perspective on the requirements and difficulties beginners face when trying to train a hawk for the first time. In consequence, this book is written from the angle of, What does the beginner need to know, and how best can I pass that information on in a language that will be understood, and remembered? At a time when many new falconers are taking up the sport, and many sponsors are looking for a source of reliable, straight-forward information to steer their budding apprentices to, this book is the answer to both their needs.