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    Hoods, Hooding, & Hoodmaking - Jim Nelson - Hard Bound - 582 Pages (R)

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      Purchase Hoods, Hooding, & Hoodmaking - Jim Nelson - Hard Bound - 582 Pages (R)

      Hoods, Hooding, & Hoodmaking - Jim Nelson - Hard Bound - 582 Pages (R)
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      This is a comprehensive book on Hoods, Hooding and Hood Making for raptors from around the world. It will prove to be of great value to falconer's, bird-abatement specialists, rehabilitation experts, zoos, and all others requiring hoods and hooding techniques for these birds. This massive work on the subject has taken many years to prepare and fine tune and the result is well worth the wait.

      SECTION 1
      The book's first section describes the hoods themselves, a history of their probable development, and their proper fit and usage.

      SECTION 2
      The second section is dedicated to describing how to properly hood train various raptor types, discussing a wide range of approaches to successful hood training, all tied together under one unifying hood-training formula: F + O + R = Hood Training (Fit, Opportunity, Reinforcement = Hood Training). It includes much on difficult-to-hood troublesome hawks.

      SECTION 3
      The third section is devoted to the manufacture of hoods, covering the equipment and materials needed, as well as an array of practical manufacturing techniques for the making of most falconry hoods. Among instruction for making the traditional hood types comes the unveiling of manufacturing techniques for the darted-Dutch and other darted hoods, designed by Jim Nelson to resemble and fit like blocked hoods without the requirement of the block itself.

      The book's last section contains ample appendices, which cover issues such as hood sizing for most raptor species globally; correct leather types and thicknesses to be applied to a variety of hood types and sizes; and a full array of patterns that should satisfy the hooding needs of all falconers and raptor handlers worldwide.

      A comprehensive index rounds out the field of useful components in this ambitious work on one of the foremost of important falconry topics.