Special Signed Edition - North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks (R)

Special Signed Edition - North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks (R)

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    Western Sporting is the publisher of this North American Falconry & unting Hawks. The trade edition of this title is $99.95 (FB1055) and this is the Special Edition signed by author Hal Webster:

    This Special Limited Edition of 275 copies has a leather bound spine and is signed by Hal Webster on one of the title pages. Sales are limited to the few copies we have on hand.


    *Front Matter: Acknowledgements, Dedication to Frank Lyman Beebe, Foreword by Jim Enderson, Introduction: So You Want to be a Falconer by Harold Melvin Webster, Jr.;

    *Forty-eight Chapters in five Sections: Introduction to North American Falconry (11 Chapters), The Broadwings (5 Chapters), The Shortwings (6 Chapters), The Longwings (11 Chapters), Further Reading (15 Chapters);

    *Six Appendices: The Hawks of Falconry, Anatomy of a Raptor, Glossary, Bibliography, References, Ango-Indian Hood Chart and Patterns by Jim Nelson, (and Index followed by Advertisers).


    Contributing Author Biographies
    Dedication to Frank Lyman Beebe by Bob Herrick & William Murrin
    Foreword by Prof. James H. Enderson
    Introduction: So You Want to be a Falconer by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
    The Hawks of Falconry by Stuart E. Rossell
    Becoming a Falconer in North America by Frederick W. Holderman - CHC
    Hoods & Hooding by Harold Webster, Frank Beebe, & James W. Nelson
    Red-tailed Hawk: Manning & Training by William C. Oakes
    Red-tailed Hawk: Squirrel Hawking by Gary Brewer
    The Harris' Hawk: Rabbits & Hares by Toby Bradshaw
    The Harris' Hawk: Hunting Birds by Harry McElroy
    The Ferruginous Hawk by Dave Daniher
    The Merlin by Eric Edwards & Kenneth C. Tuttle
    The Aplomado Falcon by James W. Nelson & Harry McElroy
    Feather Care, Imping & Coping by Stuart E. Rossell
    Hawks & Power Poles by Kirk Hohenberger
    Trained Hawks & Bird Abatement by Stuart E. Rossell
    Legal Aspects of Falconry by William Murrin
    Past, Present, & Future of North American Falconry by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
    Final Thoughts by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
    Glossary by Frederick W. Holderman - California Hawking Club
    Bibliography by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
    Anglo-Indian Hood Chart & Patterns Appendix to Hoods & Hooding

    Copyright 2013, 9th edition, 8.5" x 11", hardbound, dust wrapper, 2 Volumes, Slip Case, 832 pages, hundreds of images: color plates and illustrations. All the original chapters have been updated.

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