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    Trapping Essentials, An Illustrated Guide to Trapping, B. Woodruff (R)

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      Purchase Trapping Essentials, An Illustrated Guide to Trapping, B. Woodruff (R)

      Trapping Essentials, An Illustrated Guide to Trapping, B. Woodruff (R)
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      Trapping Essentials: An Illustrated Guide to Trapping Raptors by Ben Woodruff

      2008, 1st edition, 7" x 10", softbound, 208 pages, black-and-white pictures and illustrations throughout.

      This well-illustrated book on trapping is aimed at all levels of falconry, as well as the biologist and researcher. No longer are these traps and methods a secret! The book is divided into 12 chapters covering all aspects of trapping hawks.

      I. Nooses
      II. Bal-chatri
      III. Harnesses
      IV. Dho-ghaza
      V. Phai
      VI. Bownet
      VII. Stationary Traps
      VIII. Unconventional Methods
      IX. Once the Hawk is Caught
      X. Tips on Species
      XI. Obtaining Bait
      XII. Trapping Stories

      "Falconry, the art of hunting with raptors, began centuries ago when the first bird was trapped, not for food but to be trained by man as a hunting partner. This act remains the foundation of a relationship between man and his trained feathered companion which has spanned centuries and all cultural boundaries. The author has produced a well-written and illustrated guide. Devotees, both new and experienced, will find in this work much of the collective knowledge relating to the safe and humane capture of raptors for use in falconry as it evolved into a 'sport' in this modern world."
      -Brian McDonald, lifelong trapper and falconer

      "Trap-a-holics, raise your hands. There's a new book for you. Trapping Essentials is primarily a falconer's book, dedicated to those whose main goal is catching a single bird to train. It draws from additional sources and could be useful reference in raptor biology. The illustrations by Woodruff are clear and add much value to the text. Don't throw this one back."
      -Matthew Mullenix, American Falconry Magazine

      "This American book is plainly written so that anyone can easily understand the concepts. The overall design is topically oriented in a comprehensive manner covering eleven well thought out chapters on the subject matter and a twelfth chapter of humorous or interesting related stories. It contributes many innovative designs and techniques of trapping that take it a notch above simply being 'a collection of trap designs.'"
      -Mike McDermott, American Falconry Magazine