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      Purchase Hard-To-Find & Collectible Books - See Current Stock & Further Details

      Hard-To-Find & Collectible Books - See Current Stock & Further Details
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      Hard-to-Find and Collectible Books over $50.00

      We Sell These Books:

      We offer Hard-to-Find and Collectible falconry books on a regular basis and customers are advised to check back from time to time to see which titles are available. Usually, there will only be one copy of each title. We will state overall conditions as best as possible and customer should be aware that all sales on this item are final. Used in-print books will often be sold for less than their normal retail value.

      We Buy These Books:

      Generally, we list these hard-to-find and collectible books and pay for them when they sell. We insist on the book being in our possession before it will be listed. The owner will be paid for the books upon the funds clearing and we keep a commission for our efforts. Send your list to to see if we might be interested in your titles.

      Please note that these books may be SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE.


      B. COURSING AND FALCONRY: THE BADMINTON LIBRARY OF SPORTS AND PASTIMES by Harding Cox and the Hon. Gerald Lascelles; Illustrations by John Charlton, R.H. Moore, Lancelot Speed, and G.E. Lodge; Longmans, Green, and Co.; 1901; Standard Edition; black and white illustration and photograph plates throughout; other illustrations and photographs; hardbound in brown cloth in the standard trade binding for the Badminton Library series; 413 pages; 7.5 x 5.5; good condition; some discoloring on pages; it is generally a very sound copy but the front hinge needs to be repaired. Frontmatter notation in this edition "New edition, thoroughly revised and with additions to "Coursing" (WS) $105.00

      Q. THE FALCONER, The Journal of the British Falconers' Club, 1972-1988, A & N Books, Hertfordshire, UK., 1993. 2.5" thick, 6.5" x 9", 1146pp., numerous photographs/illustrations. This compilation of 17 years of journals contains articles by the contemporary practitioners of this period. Lorant de Bastyai, Stephen Frank, Dr. N.C. Fox, T.A.M. Jack, G. Jolly, Ronnie Moore, Ray Turner, R.B. Treleaven, R. Upton, D. Durman Walters, etc. This copy is in a new condition. (WS) $80.00

      R. (SOLD) ARAB FALCONRY: History of a Way of Life by Roger Upton, 2002, 1st edition, 8.5" x 11", hardbound, dust wrapper, 223 pages, over 200 photographs. Upton has captured the historic elements of the culture, the ambiance and nature of the hunt, having spent nearly forty years training, hunting and trapping birds with Arab falconers across Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Pakistan. It is all documented here in this epic work. This copy is in new condition. (WS) $50.00

      S. (SOLD) A LIFE WITH BIRDS 6" x 9", Hardbound, 156 pages. World-renowned falconer Ronald Stevens describes his early childhood fascination with birds of all kinds, his development of the world's largest waterfowl collection before World War Two, his travels to Africa to collect falcons, and his falconry pursuits across the English and the Irish moors. Also included are personal recollections by Henry Tyler Swain and other friends. New. (WS) $20.00

      Y. (SOLD) EAGLES, HAWKS AND FALCONS OF THE WORLD, Brown, L., & Amadon, D., Country Life Booksby the Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd., Printed in Great Britain, 1st edition, 1968. 2 Volumes, Volume I: 56 color plates, 33 text figures, 15 monochrome plates, 431pp. Volume II: 109 color plates, 33 text figures, 15 monochrome plates, 3 tables, 94 maps, brown cloth, gilt, and leather spine. This set is not in a slip case. They are in very good condition. Previous library copy. (WS) $110.00