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    Pigeon Harnesses & Anklets - Veg-tanned Kip Leather

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      Purchase Pigeon Harnesses & Anklets - Veg-tanned Kip Leather

      Pigeon Harnesses & Anklets - Veg-tanned Kip Leather
      SKU: FE5004B




      English Vegetable Tanned Hoodmaking Cowhide: Hoods and Pigeon Harnesses. -- Imported from UK.

      Note: We sell 2 square foot pieces here ($32.95) that have been cut from the heart of each hide so the hoodmaker can try the leather to see if it meets their expectations.  We understand this piece is about the right size for making a dozen hoods. It is very smooth on the outside and very even and smooth on the flesh side with the proper density for sewing.

      Pigeon Harnesses: Lightly treat the harness with jess grease after making a harness. This leather has a good body to it -- not too stiff and not too limp.

      Thickness: This leather is between 3.5 -- 3.75 oz / 1.4 to 1.5 mm. There is not much difference in thickness across the hide.

      Note: We do not accept returns on leather that has been cut.

      Note: Look for our new product FE5201 The Complete Hoodmaker's Tool Kit which includes this item along with many others for the beginning hoodmaker, which will save some money with this kit.

      Cobblers use this very same English Kip Leather for shoes and boots. This is also a good leather for a pigeon harness.