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    BioThane RK-13 Anklet Shaping Kit - Custom Contoured Anklets

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      Purchase BioThane RK-13 Anklet Shaping Kit - Custom Contoured Anklets

      BioThane RK-13 Anklet Shaping Kit - Custom Contoured Anklets
      SKU: FE5003B


      BioThane Size (Included) - Chart Below:

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      BioThane RK-13 Anklet Shaping Kit

      BioThane is a high-quality material that has been successfully used for making long-lasting anklets used on hawks and falcons.

      One of the beneficial characteristics of BioThane is its physical memory. The anklet has a teardrop shape as described in the Cutting and Fitting section of the BioThane product page. This Kit allows one to form the BioThane anklet material into a new circular shape, rather than teardrop shape. This long-lasting circular anklet fits more comfortably around the leg of a raptor.

      Each kit includes a set of 8 aluminum rods that are comparable to the anklet diameters worn by many species of raptors. The four sets of nuts, bolts and washers coincide with the different widths of BioThane and the grommets that are used for making anklets.

      Diameters of Rods in Kit- (1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16").

      Visually compare the rods to the leg of the hawk that you wish to fit with a new Biothane anklet and choose one that is large enough in comparison to the leg to allow the anklet to swivel freely. Specific raptors are not assigned to the rod sizes due to the fact that each falconer has a different preference for the tightness of the anklets they use.

      The BioThane is clamped around the appropriate rod with the washers, nuts and bolts. The jig is then lowered into boiling water for about 10 seconds, taken out and allowed to cool. Once removed from the rod, the anklet will hold a round shape and fit a raptor's leg comfortably. Slits may or may not be cut in the anklet prior to application to the hawk's leg depending on the hawk'and the falconer's own preference.

      NOTE: Choose the size of BioThane material from the list above. It is included in the kit. . 

      BioThane Material Size Chart:

      1/2 Inch - (Grommet Size 00 / 3/16" @ $4.95): Sharp-shinned Hawk, Male Cooper's or similar.

      5/8 Inch - (Grommet Size 0 / 1/4" @ $5.95): Cooper's Hawk, male Hybrid, male Harris', female Peregrine, similar.

      3/4 Inch - (Grommet Size 1 / 5/16" @ $6.95): male Red-tail, Female Harris', Gyrfalcon, male Ferruginous, or similar.

      1 Inch - (Grommet Size 2 / 3/8" @ $7.95): Female Ferruginous or Red-tail, other large hawks, or similar.

      CAUTION: The aluminum rod, nuts, bolts and washers will all be very hot when taken out of the boiling water. Use common sense and caution when handling them at this time.

      BioThane RK13 Anklet Shaping Kit can also be used with leather anklets. Simply follow the same instructions for shaping BioThane anklets without boiling the leather. Coat the leather anklets with leather conditioner and stretch them around the rod using the provided washers, nuts and bolts to achieve a nicely rounded and shaped leather anklet. The leather anklets can be left on the rod until they are put on the hawk to maintain their shape.


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