Falconry Perch - Stainless Molded-top Bow Perch

Falconry Perch - Stainless Molded-top Bow Perch

    Price: $159.95

    Code: FE2187

    Weight: 8.20 pounds


    Stainless Steel and Rubber Bow Perch

    Exclusive Western Sporting Design:
    The design of this exclusive perch and the correctly slanted sides mean the ring and leash will follow the hawk up over the top of the perch when the hawk bates for tangle-free weathering. Put that all together and you have great peace of mind when not there watching your hawk while in the weathering yard or when perched in the mews. Experienced falconers will see the simplicity and proper design of this perch. It will also be the last bow perch you ever purchase.

    This perch is stainless 1/2" round rod with a molded top. The ring is also solid stainless and the top is easy to clean and extremely durable. The perching surface is actually a very good design--ribbed so the feet of the hawk are not sitting on a smooth surface.

    General Dimensions: 1/2" round stainless stock and 29 inches wide by 12 inches high with 9 inch spikes.