From Collection of Harold Webster - Frank Vela Saddle & Tack

From Collection of Harold Webster - Frank Vela Saddle & Tack

    Price: $400.00

    Code: XA1044A

    Weight: 46.00 pounds

    Here is the saddle that Hal Webster, Jr., (North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks) owned and used for many seasons of hunting in the Rocky Mountains. Hal took and packed out an elk for many seasons and this is his personal saddle and tack.

    This saddle is in good shape and it comes with a variety of various tack that we picked up along with the saddle.

    Frank Vela Saddlery: This item is a Custom Western Saddle made by notorious Saddle Maker Frank Vela from Floresville, TX. He was a custom artistic saddle maker in the 1920's to the mid 1950's. He was known not only locally, but also had a high demand of his quality of craftsmanship internationally.

    This is the saddle weighs 46 pounds all packed in the box (29x19x13). (It does not come with saddle tree in the picture as we borrowed that for the picture.)

    (The tack weighs in at 45 pounds for that box. We will have to quote separately for the 2nd box containing the tack as the system here will only calculate for the one box. 22x13x14)