FMV 1/3N Battery Transmitter - 216 MHz (VHF) - Leg and Tail Mount

FMV 1/3N Battery Transmitter - 216 MHz (VHF) -  Leg and Tail Mount

    Price: $94.95

    Code: RT3101

    Weight: 0.08 pounds

    FMV Series of Transmitters: 1/3N Model Leg and Tail Mount

    Weight: 8 Grams with Battery (1/3N)
    45 Days Plus Operating Life
    30 Miles Range - Line of Sight
    Operating Range: -30F to +120F
    Battery Included

    Leg Mount = $94.95
    Tail Mount = $104.95

    This powerful yet cost effective transmitter has a screw-in 13" antenna for maximum range, but it can be reduced further to a 10" or 8" length and still have good range.

    It comes with a two year warranty combined with the low price. These transmitters will perform in the coldest and hottest of climates and have been proven reliable under the most adverse conditions for over 12 years. They have even been recovered from underwater in ponds and streams still running after being submerged for days.

    The tail mount will fit in the Marshall Medium, Large and XLarge tail clips and the Medium and Eagle TrackPack.

    Lost and Found Service: The frequency and serial number are on the outside of each transmitter along with the toll free telephone number of Western Sporting. If someone should call who has found your hawk, as identified by the serial number, we will call your telephone numbers immediately for lost and found service (in USA) and for foreign customers we will email the information immediately. There is no charge for this service. Be sure to notify us of telephone number changes to update our database.