LL Electronics - Flasher & Beeper Bell - Leg Mount Flashing Locator

LL Electronics - Flasher & Beeper Bell -  Leg Mount Flashing Locator

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    Code: RT2131

    Weight: 0.02 pounds

    LL Electronics - Flasher / Bell - Leg Mount Flashing Locator

    Pictured with (FE2005) Precision-Cut Leather Bewits. See Related Items

    The Flash Beeper Bell from LL Electronics is the great little locating device for apprentices and also the perfect supplemental device for experienced falconers. Using sound to help locate a hidden hawk in thicker ground cover from over 500 feet (150 Meters) away regardless of motion, soft ground cover or downed prey that would cause a conventional bell to fall silent. In those situations it is good not having to bring out the telemetry.

    When the hunt lasts longer than expected the Flash Beeper Bell is great for assisting in finding a hawk in low light or no light situations. The Flash Beeper Bell will run on three 396 batteries to attain 4.5 volts for about 2 days. Just put the batteries in and the flasing bell starts working.

    Includes Battery Sleeve and Holder, But NO BATTERIES
    The Flasher/Beeper Bell has a preset flash and beep rate that can't be changed and does not use a magnetic switch to turn it on/off

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