L.L. LF-3 1/3n Bewit Mount Transmitter - Extended Range & Life

L.L. LF-3 1/3n Bewit Mount Transmitter - Extended Range & Life

    Price: $129.95

    Code: RT2127

    Weight: 0.40 pounds

    L.L. Electronics: Bringing hawks home since 1974!

    L.L. Electronics LF-3 1/3n Bewit Mount Powerful, Long-life Transmitter: They are easy to operate, durable and reliable.

    All L.L. Transmitters have been specially tuned and come equipped with our exclusive short 10" antenna.


    Voltage: 3v
    Range: 10 miles
    Life: 37 days
    Weight: 6g

    This transmitter is available as a bewit mount and has a threaded antenna which can be changed in moments while out in the field. This transmitter is not just for hacking raptors - it is also an extremely powerful transmitter for everyday use with a trained hawk.

    The LF-3 1/3n is designed for medium to large hawks from 20 ounces on up. This powerful transmitter will send out a signal for a long time and is ideal for fast moving or potentially wide-ranging raptors.

    Your top quality batteries should be high drain and ordered here at Western Sporting.

    Be sure to choose a channel. Call us to order special frequencies or channels: 1 888 FLY-HAWK

    Extra Antennas $6.95 each

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