L.L. LF-1 Merlin Special Transmitter - IN-STOCK NOW - Leg or Neck Mount

L.L.  LF-1 Merlin Special Transmitter - IN-STOCK NOW - Leg or Neck Mount

    Price: $119.95

    Code: RT2126A

    Weight: 0.40 pounds

    L.L. Electronics: Bringing hawks home since 1974!

    L.L. Electronics LF-1 Merlin Special 1.5 Volt Bewit Mount Transmitter: We don't believe there is a smaller and lighter weight falconry transmitter available. They are easy to operate, durable and reliable.

    All L.L. Transmitters have been specially tuned and come equipped with our exclusive short 10" antenna.


    Voltage: 1.5v
    Range: up to 3 miles
    Life: 14 - 20 days
    Weight: 3g w/ battery

    This transmitter is available as a bewit or neck mount.

    The LF-1 Merlin transmitters were designed with the smaller raptors in mind, like Merlins, Sharpshins, and Cooper's Hawks. This single-stage unit is hand potted to reduce size and weight. LF-1 Merlin Special has the same specifications for range and battery life as a regular LF-1 transmitter but at a smaller size and weight. Note: The antenna on this transmitter is not removable.

    These LF-1 Merlin Special transmitters have a fixed lightweight antenna to reduce weight. It is powered by one 1.5 volt 361 silver oxide battery. Your top quality batteries should be high drain 361 silver oxide and ordered here at Western Sporting.

    Be sure to choose a channel. Call us to order special frequencies or channels: 1 888 FLY-HAWK

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