L L Electronics - NEW LF-4 - Short Antenna - Powerful & Long Lasting

L L Electronics - NEW LF-4 - Short Antenna - Powerful & Long Lasting

    Price: $174.95

    Code: RT2118

    Weight: 0.30 pounds

    LF4 Leg Mount $174.95

    LF4 Features

    -Screw type 6 inch antenna for all frequencies
    -Compact and rugged design
    -9 grams complete with battery
    -Low battery detection and indication
    -Micro controlled operation
    -Magnet tap on/off function
    -High output power
    -Long battery life
    -1/3N battery

    The LF-4 transmitter is the newest addition to the LL Electronics lineup of transmitters. The have superb output equaling much larger models but with a short 6 inch antenna! LF-4 outranges the XLF 6V with a full length antenna and outlasts it by at least 4-5 days. The LF-4 also boasts microchip controlled operation, giving it a crisper, cleaner signal which translates to more range in the field. Micro controllers also allow for low battery detection and indication, as well as magnet tap on/off functionality. The LF-4 runs on the ultra reliable, high power and easy to find 1/3N lithium battery. This battery provides around 2 weeks of life in continuous operation.

    About the short antenna: We have designed our antennas for an even shorter overall length while maintaining a high output. The method of shortening an antenna is no secret to radio technology and certainly isn't a revolutionary discovery. It is achieved through antenna loading, a technique that even Nikola Tesla appeared to have used as early as 1891. This involves placing a coil at some point in the antenna (usually the base) to match the lost length by electrically lengthening the antenna.