G5 Stealth Gulf Receiver - 233-236 & 215-219 - Designed for Gulf Region

G5 Stealth Gulf Receiver - 233-236 & 215-219 - Designed for Gulf Region

    Price: $2,194.95

    Code: RT1013

    Weight: 4.50 pounds

    This is a custom-built special-order receiver to your specific needs. Please allow 30-60 days for manufacture.

    The Stealth G5 is a premium quality chanellized tracking receiver chosen by the VIP Customer and larger groups. Use the large size channel selector numbers to match your numbered sets of transmitters as before. This receiver can track 100 pre-set transmitters.

    You can also order the Stealth to match new custom numbered sets of Marshall transmitters unique to your group and different than any other. Please email us with your order particulars: sales@westernsporting.com

    Inside, the Stealth offers the highest sensitivity, bigger sound (with speakers on top and bottom), a new ultra-compact case design featuring a "Quick-Release" handle, a larger control panel with more room, and the latest generation of Marshall's exclusive collapsible yagi antenna with cable-free operation. Also, exclusive to all Marshall receivers is the use of polyphase filters, our new noise floor reduction technology that reduces the background noise while increasing the effective range and tracking ease.

    The Stealth can be ordered for the 215-219, 216-219, and the 233-236 MHz bands.

    See Order Attributes on Top Right:

    Config F (215-219)
    Config A (216-219)
    Config H (216-219)
    Config UAE (233-236)