FM5000 HSL Receiver - 500 Transmitters / 5 Bands - Professional Model

FM5000 HSL Receiver - 500 Transmitters / 5 Bands - Professional Model

    Price: $1,794.95

    Code: RT1011

    Weight: 4.10 pounds

    This is a custom-built special-order receiver to your specific needs. Please allow 30-60 days for manufacture.

    Field Marshall 5000 Tracking Receiver (500 Transmitters)

    Five Bands in each Range:

    Configuration A: 215, 216, 217, 218 & 219 MHz


    Configuration B: 233, 234, 235, 236 & 237 MHz


    Configuration C: 151, 152, 153, 154 and 155 MHz

    *High-end Packaging & Ergonomics
    *New Quick-Release Handle
    *Smaller, Rugged Collapsible Yagi Antenna
    *Improved Front Lit Display For Night Time
    *Narrower Case & Speakers Top & Bottom
    *Reconfigurable Design
    *Removable Handle
    *Less Adjacent Channel Interference
    *Better Power Line Noise Rejection
    *High Sensitivity & Better Range Estimation
    *Pin-Point Accuracy & Easy Tuning
    *Good Tones & Quiet
    *Comes with a complimentary holster
    *3 Year Marshall Warranty

    This receiver is made to order. Having the receiver built when it is ordered, ensures that it is assembled with the most current and up-to-date technology. Assembly can take 30 to 60 days.

    This receiver doesn't rely on crystals to determine the frequencies it can cover. An all-digital circuit allows the same receiver to pick up any frequency in the available bands. If you change your mind down the road, your same receiver can easily be converted to a different set of frequencies.

    The FM5000 is the top end technology available now. It now boasts 5,000 channels and can track any frequency within each different band. It offers improved sensitivity (now equal to the Stealth), better sound (with 2 speakers top and bottom), a new ultra-compact case design featuring a "Quick-Release" handle, improved LED front lighting of the control panel for night tracking, improved water resistance for use in wet weather, and the latest generation of Marshall's exclusive collapsible yagi antenna but with cable-free operation.

    Also, exclusive to the Field Marshall 5000 is the addition of new noise floor reduction technology that reduces the background noise while increasing the effective range and tracking ease.

    Call Us (1 888 FLY-HAWK) if you wish to custom configure your Field Marshall 5000 Receiver: Available in 151-155 MHz, 215-219 MHz and 233-237 MHz ranges of frequencies.

    FM5000: Range of Frequencies @ $1794.95