Coturnix Quail for Falconer's Flying Hawks - High Quality Nutrition-Packed Hawk Food

<b>Coturnix Quail for Falconer's Flying Hawks</b> - High Quality Nutrition-Packed Hawk Food

    Price: $288.00

    Code: FE2425A

    Weight: 49.00 pounds

    Top Quality Coturnix Quail raised specifically for Falconers, Rehabilitation Facilities and Zoos.

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    6-Week Old Birds are popular with falconers with 80 per box. These golden-skinned birds carry little fat and few, if any, eggs and weigh approximately 7.5 ounces each. Each box has a frozen gell-pack in it to keep the quail frozen during transit.

           With 35 years of experience as a falconer, the grower of these quail understands what falconers look for in high performance, premium hawk food: healthy, nutritious, clean quail. They are committed to producing quail that will enable your falcon or hawk to maintain peak physical health and deliver optimum performance. These Coturnix Quail are fed a specially formulated, non-medicated proprietary feed that maximizes nutrition and promotes the development of rich, yellow skin in raptors.

           I have fed quail from multiple sources over the past 25 years and can, without hesitation, state that these quail are by far the best I have ever seen. The quail are clean, robust and have excellent color in their plumage, skin and muscle tissue. I used to give supplements to my falcons and hawks to make up for the lack of nutrients found in other quail, but since feeding these quail, I have discontinued that step and have seen healthier color and conditioning in my birds. Having access to such healthy quail at an affordable price should be a principle factor in deciding where you purchase your quail.

    Tyler Stiens, DVM  -  Park City, Utah

    These quail are raised in large, open brooders, never confined to grow cages. The birds can move about freely, resulting in excellent plumage and meat that is a rich pink in color. They are flash frozen in small batches on wire racks at -6F in a walk-in freezer and packaged in convenient zippered plastic bags. Those that feed these quail appreciate that they are healthy, clean, consistent in size, packaged conveniently and shipped promptly.