2 in 1 Bow Perch - Universal Bow Perch In Travel Case (25180528)

2 in 1 Bow Perch - Universal Bow Perch In Travel Case (25180528)

    Price: $184.95

    Code: FE2188

    Weight: 28.00 pounds

    2 in 1 Portable Bow Perch

    This 2 in 1 Portable Bow Perch lives comfortably in a custom-designed grey poly case and is a great choice for situations where compact and portable are important: a road trip, falconry meet, or when an indoor bow is needed for a new hawk. For long term perching situations we recommend item # FE2187.

    The legs are quickly changed from the spikes to the heavy stainless tubes for use in either situation. The very clever rubber molded perch top is hygienic and the correct size for raptors that we fly. This product represents a great value for the austringer!

    General Dimensions: 3/8" round stainless stock and 22 inches wide by 14 inches high.

    Outdoor Configuration Weight: 6 Pounds.
    Indoor Configuration Weight: 18 Pounds

    SHIPPING NOTE: This perch is quite heavy, as it should be for this dual-purpose use, and will require special handling when being shipped. It is best to choose UPS as a carrier to save money on the shipping. We may need to contact you if this product creates a multiple box shipment.