Traditional Block & Spike - Four Sizes - Falconry Block

Traditional Block & Spike - Four Sizes - Falconry Block

    Price: $114.95

    Code: FE2150

    Weight: 4.80 pounds

    You save $10.00 by purchasing both falconry block and spike together.

    2009 Hacked Anatum Peregrine is shown here on our Traditional Oak Hardwood falconry Block. These traditional oak blocks come with a quality stainless steel spike, and are turned especially for us here at Western Sporting. See the list below to match your hawk to the sizes.

    These traditional hardwood blocks are currently available in oak. They are finished with a couple of coats of Brazilian Rosewood Oil for a beautiful weatherproof finish. Your longwing will look great on this quality perch!

    These blocks are available in:

    4 3/8" width x 7" Tall (Suitable for Kestrels, Merlins, Gyrlins, Perlins & Male Barbaries, or similar.)

    5 3/8" Width x 8" Tall (Suitable for Tiercel Peregrines & Hyrbirds, Female Barbaries, Aplomados, or similar.)

    6 3/8" Width x 9" Tall(Suitable for Female Peregrines & Prairies, Male Sakers, & Large Male Hybrids, or similar.)

    7 5/8" Width x 10" Tall (Suitable for Male or Female Gyrfalcons, Large Female Hybrids, Large Female Peregrines & Large Female Sakers, or similar.)