Loop Leash - Tightly Braided Tethering Leash - Three Sizes - Two Colors

Loop Leash - Tightly Braided Tethering Leash - Three Sizes - Two Colors

    Price: $24.95

    Code: FE2023

    Weight: 0.02 pounds

    Square braid nylon falconry leashes are extremely tough and hold knots well!

    These falconry leashes are tightly braided. This size of falconry leashes will allow the falconer to use their own chosen swivel while also using this braid which is plenty strong for hawks up to the size of a large gyrfalcon or red-tailed hawk. The cord used in these falconry leashes is an extremely strong and dense variety that is also mildew resistant. Falconry leashes constructed with this material just can't be beat by anything available today.

    We all know how the leash with the old fashioned button can become easily entangled in the jesses creating a nightmare for the returning falconer. They can result in broken feathers-or worse. Use a high quality looped leash as you see here for piece of mind and tangle-free tethering.

    These leashes are braided for Western Sporting by falconer David Carvalho.

    See List Above for Square-braid Falconry Leashes Currently Available:

    STANDARD 12 to 20 Ounces Falcons & Hawks (Length is 36")

    LARGE 20 - 60 Ounce Falcons & Hawks (Length is 42")

    HEAVY DUTY 30 to 60 Ounce Hawks (Length is 42")

    Colors Available: Blue/Black & Silver/Black (Choose Above)

    We are proud to say these tethering systems are custom-made by falconer David Carvalho for Western Sporting. You will not be disappointed with the quality!