Arab-backed Hood - Made by Steve Tait for Western Sporting - Lightweight

Arab-backed Hood - Made by Steve Tait for Western Sporting - Lightweight

    Price: $129.95

    Code: FE1191

    Weight: 0.10 pounds

    In-Stock Hoods: The hood is in-stock if the hood size number is seen in the pull down window above.

    Exclusive USA sales outlet for hoods actually made by Steve Tait.

    Steve Tait has agreed to make a second type of hood for Western Sporting. This hood is for the discerning falconer who wants an extreme lightweight hood with an Arab-backed closure. They are also fitted with quality black nylon cloth braces. The Tait Arab-backed Hood, like our Tait field hood, is actually a new pattern and molded on a new block quite different from those available at other locations.

    They are limited to the sizes listed in the chart. If the size is not available in the pull-down window then it is simply out-of-stock and we do not take custom orders for those sizes. Any size missing from the pull-down window is on order and should arrive shortly. Please check back from time to time if you do not see the size needed.

    All Sizes @ $129.95

    11: Male: average Barbary, red-naped shaheen, or similar
    12: Male: large Barbary peregrine, gyr-aplomado hybrid, or similar
    13: Male: small anatum or tundra peregrine, peregrine-barbary hybrid, gyr-aplomado hybrid, or similar
    Female: small Barbary peregrine, or similar
    14: Male: small Peales, average anatum or tundra peregrine, prairie, Peales-barbary hybrid or similar
    Female: large Barbary, red-naped shaheen peregrine, gyr-aplomado hybrid, or similar
    15: Male: large Peales peregrine, or similar
    Female: average prairie falcon, gyr-aplomado hybrid, or similar
    16: Male: Harris hawk, goshawk, gyr-Barbary hybrid, or similar
    Female: average prairie falcon, or similar
    17: Male: average gyr-peregrine hybrid, or similar
    Female: average peregrine or North American goshawk, small Harris, large prairie, or similar
    18: Male: large gyr-peregrine hybrid, saker falcon, or similar
    Female: large peregrine (peales) or North American gos, Harris, gyr-Barbary, or similar
    19: Male: large 3/4 peregrine-gyr hybrid, large saker, or similar
    Female: Harris Hawk, small saker falcon, European gos, or similar
    20: Male: average jerkin, gyr-saker hybrid, average redtail hawk, or similar
    Female: large saker falcon, European or Finnish gos, or similar
    21: Male: large redtail hawk, large jerkin, or similar
    Female: gyr-peregrine hybrid, small gyr-saker hybrid, Finnish gos, or similar
    22: Female: average gyrfalcon, average redtail hawk, large gyr-saker hybrid, or similar
    23: Female: large gyrfalcon or redtail hawk, or similar

    Note on Fitting Hoods:
    You will not find a more exact and wide-ranging hood chart anywhere on the internet. We have done everything possible to come up with a chart for sizing your individual hawk, but no two hawks are exactly the same and some will simply be difficult to fit. Sometimes it may take one or two fittings to get just the right hood.

    Hoods Return & Exchange Policy:
    We are willing to exchange hoods if they do not fit properly but they must be returned to us in an as-new resalable condition. We will not accept returns if your dog chews it, your hawk scratches it, you stuff it in a box for the return trip that is too small, there is meat caked in it, or any other conceivable abuse that results in Western Sporting not being able to sell it “as-new” upon return. There will be no exceptions to this policy.