Falconry Bells - Two Tensile, Hawk & Falcon Bells - by Ricardo Velarde

Falconry Bells - Two Tensile, Hawk & Falcon Bells - by Ricardo Velarde

    Price: $45.95

    Code: FE1132A

    Weight: 0.04 pounds

    Note: If you see a size missing from the list above it is not in stock. These bells are only made once per year and we purchase a good number of them at that time. If we are out of a size it may take a very long time to get them back in stock and we suggest you choose a different style bell. See Related Items Below.

    These two-tensile falconry bells by Ricardo Velarde are top of the line. They were originally designed by legendary falconer and "Ye Olde Bell Maker" Pete Osborno who passed the torch to Ricardo prior to his death. They are the standard after which all good falconry bells are designed, have a very long lifetime and a superb tonal range. They are more expensive than all the rest but many wouldn't use any other bell.

    See the suggested sizes for the various hawks. We have listed the measurement of the bell, which does not include the bewit loop, to help you choose your size.

    Pairs of Velarde Falconry Bells at $45.95 per set:

    Size 0: Merlin, Sharpie or similar size.
    W: 15 mm x H: 17 mm

    Size 2: Female Sharpie, All Small Males, Barbaries, or similar size.
    W: 17 mm x H: 20 mm

    Size 4: Small to Medium Male Peregrine, Female Barbary, or similar size.
    W: 18 mm x H: 21 mm

    Size 6: Male Peregrine, Male Hybrids, Male Harris', Male Gos, or similar size.
    W: 20 mm x H: 23 mm

    Size 8: Female Gos, Female Harris', Female Peregrine, Gyrfalcon or Gyrkin, Male Redtail or similar.
    W: 22 mm x H: 24 mm

    Size 10: Female Red-tail, Ferruginous or similar size.
    W: 21 mm x H: 26 mm

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