Falconry: Principles & Practice - Roger Upton - Hard Bound, 240 pages

Falconry: Principles & Practice - Roger Upton - Hard Bound, 240 pages

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    2011, 2nd edition, Upton, R., Hardbound, Pictorial laminated boards, numerous illustrations of equipment, hood, jesses, lure and glove patterns, many photographs, brief bibliography, 240 pages. Published in the UK.

    "The author guides the reader through the principles of keeping, training and flying hawks ...ideas for practice and discussion on housing, management and flying at quarry. ...up to date information on hawking furniture and on the technology available to falconers".

    This is a new reprint of Upton's 1991 classic book on falconry, with only very minor revisions. Contents include; suitable country for hawking, acquiring skills, obtaining hawks; the hawk house, shelters and weathering ground; falconry furniture; eyasses, passagers, hacking and thoughts on training; flying out of the hood - rook hawking, crows, jackdaws, seagulls, magpies; hawking dogs; game hawking - grouse hawking country, cost of grouse moors, waiting-on, first flight at quarry, importance of flushing down wind, waiting-on in hilly country, correct serving of quarry, positioning, waiting-on over the dog, the kill, grouse in cover, number of flights, hawking weather, hawking at the end of the grouse season, flying tiercels at grouse, soaring versus waiting-on, flying peregrines at grouse, grouse hawking with gyrs, flying other types of hawk at grouse, black game and ptarmigan as quarry, partridge hawking, pheasant hawking, snipe hawking, woodcock hawking, duck hawking; glove and hood making - gloves, jesses, hoods, braces, trimming, lures; patterns; suppliers - furniture, telemetry.