The Kestrel Primer - Robert Eiser, Phd, Softbound & Color

The Kestrel Primer - Robert Eiser, Phd, Softbound & Color

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    For the novice and seasoned falconer alike, The Kestrel Primer provides insights into the management and husbandry of North America's smallest falcon -- The American Kestrel. This book, which is written by Robert Eiser, Phd, is a welcome contribution to the writing covering our smallest raptor employed in falconry. The Kestrel Primer offers 40+ years experience managing and training these small but feisty raptors. You may consider it an essential addition to the falconry books addressing raptor training.

    ROBERT W. EISER: International Marine Mammal & Raptor Training Consultant

    Professional network encompassing China, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, Mauritius, Spain, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

    Master Falconer - 46 years.

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