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    Harris' Hawk Revolution - Jennifer & Tom Coulson, Hardbound, 661 pages

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      Purchase Harris' Hawk Revolution - Jennifer & Tom Coulson, Hardbound, 661 pages

      Harris' Hawk Revolution - Jennifer & Tom Coulson, Hardbound, 661 pages
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      This is a well-written book on a subject that has needed to be covered for a very long time.

      Hard cover, dust jacket, full color, 8.5" x 11", 661 pages, 20 chapters, 21 figures, 20 tables, and hundreds of color photographs, including many action shots (and it weighs between 6-7 lbs).

      The long-awaited, definitive book on the Harris's Hawk is finally here! The Harris's Hawk Revolution is specifically designed to help falconers become better caretakers, trainers, and hunters, to help breeders increase production, and to make captive-bred raptors better falconry and hunting hawks. The Coulsons teach about husbandry, rearing, training, socialization, scouting, hunting, selective breeding, and captive propagation techniques.

      A Must for Harris's Hawkers
      Harris's Hawks have a reputation for being easy to train, but these highly intelligent, social raptors can be anything but easy. Traditional falconry training approaches are often not suitable and can result in serious behavioral problems. The authors stress the importance of socialization throughout the Harris's Hawk's life. Their training philosophy begins with the selective breeding of the hawk, parent rearing, and an appropriate period of socialization time with parents and sibling prior to training. The concept of the optimum age-window of opportunity to begin a hawk's training is also paramount to their training philosophy. This book goes into great detail on how the training and husbandry needs differ markedly for passage versus captive-bred Harris's Hawks. Those who have already mastered the art of training a Harris's Hawk will find many benefits to owning this book. The Harris's Hawk Revolution provides many avenues for advancing your falconry, from hunting strategies to finding better hunting spots.

      The authors aren't experts on everything involving Harris's Hawks, so for some topics they have enlisted the help of others. They have recruited guest contributors who are all experienced falconers. These are hunters who have a lot of kills under their belts. For the dog lovers and ferreters, there are sections written by Harry McElroy, Toby Bradshaw, Teddy Moritz, Dave Bowman, and Howard Roberts. For those wishing to hunt Roe Deer, there are stories by European falconers Dave Bowman, Bohumil Straka and Zdenek Kocman. For those hunting quail and woodcock, there is advice from Brandon Casey and Billy Waterman.

      Not Just for Harris's Hawkers
      This book is of value to all falconers and raptor breeders, as well as anyone who cares for or studies raptors, because it provides detailed information on:

      *the fascinating natural history of this social raptor,
      *health, diet and husbandry,
      *state of the art falconry equipment,
      *diseases, injuries and guidelines for medical care,
      *rearing methods and how they affect the raptor's behavior throughout life,
      *training philosophies,
      *detailed training methods,
      *scouting for all types of game from fur to feather,
      *hunting methods and strategies,
      *developing a versatile hunting hawk,
      *developing an accomplished hare or quail hawk,
      *falconry meets and travel,
      *causes of mortality in all species of raptors used for falconry,
      *breeding birds of prey,
      *methods of increasing production in a raptor breeding program,
      *the selective breeding of raptors for hunting performance and other traits desirable in falconry,
      *and a few game recipes for after the hunt.